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How to make a post

Post by Crystal » Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:12 am

Here is a toutorial of sorts for how to create a post on this forum.

Step 1. Log in. You must be logged in to create a post.

Step 2. Navigate to the forum in which you wish to post:
For this example, I will click on the "Species" forum.
Step 3. Click on the "New Topic" button if you wish to start a brand new topic in the forum...
...OR, click on the thread you wish to create a reply/post within and find the button that says "Post Reply" (or fill out the 'quick reply' box at the bottom of the thread):
Step 4. Write your post in the body of the form & provide your post with a title if you are starting a new topic:
Step 5. When you are done composing your post, click "Submit."
Remember to only click "Submit" ONCE - it may take a few seconds for your post to go through; if you hit submit more than once, this tends to create a double-post. If you accidentally create a double post, you can click the "x" delete button on the duplicate post to delete it (this will not affect the 1st or original post).

That's it! Remember that your first several posts will require moderator approval before they show up publicly to the rest of the membership!