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Grounded Zebra Finch

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:52 pm
by tillysmum
Hi, i was wandering if anyone could help with a strange problem concerning a 4/5 year old hen ZF.

I noticed about 10 day's ago she was on the floor of the aviary every time i went in, i placed food and water on the ground so that she could get to it. I examined her to make sure she wasn't egg bound and for any other obvious problems but she was fine. I observed on day three that when she tried to jump up to a low perch i had placed near ground level she could not perch and kept landing on her back with difficulty getting up.

I decided to bring her indoors to a hospital cage to keep an eye on her. The other thing i have noticed is that she struggles to cheep and sounds very quiet and a little hoarse, in all other respects she seems fine, eating and drinking well.

Any idea's anyone
Thanks in advance