How to stop prolific laying or should I let them? Help plz

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How to stop prolific laying or should I let them? Help plz

Post by tarma » Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:13 pm

Our vet said that there is an injection that stops females from laying eggs for a period of time. Does anyone have any experience with it? What is it called. Is it advisable?

Our four society finches (3M/1F) want to nest/lay so hard right now and I am desperate to get them to stop for their own health. We will be moving to a new home in a month and I want to stop this behavior before there is added stress for them.

We actually lost Bianca our matriarch to what we suspect was an impacted egg just over a month ago. We were away overnight and found her dead in the nest when we came home. She had been laying eggs since early summer and we were trying to get her to stop but when we took their nests away she just laid in the food bowl or any other round somewhat nest-like surface in the cage)

What we have tried so far:
-removing nests and nesting materials (unsuccessful, they pull dandelion stalks to their food bowl and lay there)
- reducing food ie. not filling their regular seed bowl to the brim but full enough for everyone to get a fill, only giving them egg and treats once a week (I fear that this actually contributed to Bianca's death. We read that reducing food will cause them to stop laying but.... if she is laying anyways you're just increasing the risk of health issues??)
- putting them to bed earlier

Even if that injection works and is advisable, it would cost us about $300 as Blanchette our female has never been to the vet so would have to have an intake exam ($160) plus the cost of the injection.

I wish we had just let them keep their eggs in the early summer when they started laying. We didn't have them for long at that point and we weren't ready to facilitate breeding. We started with 6 and now only have 4 and we have a large enough cage for 8. They seem happy enough just the 4 of them but they were so much more active before. Should I give them back the nests and let them lay? It's too late in the season for that isn't it? And with the move coming up...

Any help you can provide would be so appreciated.

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Re: How to stop prolific laying or should I let them? Help p

Post by finchman » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:22 pm

I would definitely not go the injection route. The stress of that whole experience on a finch would be very likely to cause much more harm than good in my opinion.

I would make sure they have plenty of calcium. Morning bird sells a liquid calcium that works very well. When given as instructed it would be unlikely that your hen would get egg bound. I would also keep the protein up for now so she has what her body needs producing eggs. When the time comes she will stop laying.

You could also get dummy eggs so she can sit on them for a few weeks to slow her down.

If the birds are indoors they can breed at any time of the year.

Best of luck!

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Re: How to stop prolific laying or should I let them? Help p

Post by Fraza » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:11 pm

tarma if there is enough calcium then it shouldn’t bother them as it isn’t the laying that usually harms the birds it’s more the reading of the chicks

But I would try buying fake eggs and wait for her to lay a new fluffy and swap them with the fakes just to make sure she is getting a break to have less chance of egg binding

Also I wouldn’t do the injection finches are to smal
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