strainer lids for jars

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Re: strainer lids for jars

Post by Sojourner » Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:57 pm

Sally wrote: That's a good link, thanks. I'm cheap, so I made my own. I always have canning supplies on hand, so I just cut a piece of screening to fit a wide-mouth jar band and glued it in place. Works like a charm.
Back in my old hippy days, I took vinyl or plastic or whatever it was that wasn't metal back then - window screening and screwed it onto the top of the jar using a canning jar ring.

However I have noticed that the lids for canning jars are a LOT flimsier these days. I'm not sure I'd want to try to reuse the rings (not the seals, that we normally would not expect to reuse, but the screw-on rings) if I were still canning. My last batch rusted the very first time I washed them prior to use. So they might not be strong enough to do this anymore, even with the new lightweight screen materials.

HOWEVER however - another alternative is to use lightweight butter muslin or cheesecloth (for making cheese, not the stuff you find in the hardware store that looks like gauze bandages). Just screw a square on using the canning ring. Even the modern flimsy rings ought to be up to that much, LOL!
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