My mutations

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My mutations

Post by JustAlex09 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:44 pm

So I finally got around to taking a picture of all my Zebras.


My camera doesn't do a good job of it, but the ones without the tear marks are solid white, while the ones with tear marks are more of a very light, silvery grey. It's basically quads and triplets everywhere. I legit can't tell the difference between them. Except for Anubis and Ra because they stick together like glue.

(They're not used to being handled so none of them were very happy with me when I took these pics).

I've put Osiris up as a parent because I know he was trying to woo Bast a few times but I don't know if they ever actually mated. He's never helped take care of any of the eggs so I'm fairly certain all these babies are solely from Bast and Sobek. Ahti and Anat are definitely his, though (Horus is possibly the mother).
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Re: My mutations

Post by haroun » Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:28 pm

Osiris is a pied fawn
Bast fawn hen
Sobek grey split for fawn and whute and cfw
Ahti anat two fawn,
Anubis fawn hen
Ra white male!
Anuket, horus, tah chestnut flanked white grey hens
Neith, serapis, reeshep grey males.

Kek, heket white hens
Maat looks cfw fawn hen or a Continental cfw hen
Menhit white male

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