Feather type - buff or yellow?

Although they are technically passerines, canaries tend to be managed uniquely, so here is a forum just for them!
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Re: Feather type - buff or yellow?

Post by Flight Feathers » Wed May 16, 2018 4:46 pm

Clairecanary15 wrote:
Flight Feathers wrote: Here’s another pic of my canaries, this time with both of them in the pic. They are a mixture of brighter and lighter colors. Not really just one color.
Hi Flight Feathers

They are both buff or as Sheather said "soft feather". It is easier to see on the 2nd lot of pictures. They don't sit still do they for an easy picture :)

They do not have the richness of colour of a yellow feather type. They look frosted; are they frosted?

Can I say how cute they both are. Are they a pair? Do they have eggs?
I have 1 hen with 3 independent chicks; same hen with 4 new hatch-lings and another hen who's chicks left the nest today - wow its all very exciting. Wish I could spend all day with them - very relaxing to watch.

When I 1st sat on my stool I popped the treat on my lap and almost crossed my arms - tucking my hands away - mine didnt and still don't like hands. I also diverted my eyes to start with - sort of look at whats on the horizon. Wear long sleeves too - they like to land on clothing or ones head. They like long hair - they tug it lol. They don't land on my bare arms - maybe something to do with getting a good grip,

Okay thanks so much!! Glad to know they are both buff! I’m not sure if they’re frosted or not - I don’t really nothing anything about canary colors and types! All I know is that they are mixed breed.

Oh thank you!! Yes they are a pair. They don’t have eggs currently as it’s out of season now but they did have two clutches in summer. The first clutch hatched 4 babies but sadly they went splat on the floor not long after - terrible nest building on the canaries part. I didn’t want to shift them tho in case I disturbed them! and the second clutch fried in the shell before it had a chance to hatch.

Wow you have lots of canary breeding going on at the moment! It must be so exciting having so many canary Chicks!!

Okay thank you so much!! I will definitley have to give that a go!
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Re: Feather type - buff or yellow?

Post by Clairecanary15 » Wed May 16, 2018 5:12 pm

Hi Flight Feathers

Oh yes of course you are in a different season - I can be a bit dippy at times...

I use off-cuts of new house guttering and hook different lengths up of 2 foot lengths at the most. I stuff each of them with hay - the canaries love them..they nibble the hay; dry themselves off in the hay after a bath and create lovely little nests in them too. The guttering troughs are also easy to clean. I got my husband to screw in wooden ends into each trough as I found the hay kept falling out.

I hope you or should I say they, have more luck next spring,


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