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Male Canary pulling out Female's Feathers

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:11 pm
by lancerguy
We have a male yellow crested canary and a female brownish agate canary. The male is pulling feathers out of the female. He pulls them from her sides below her wing, above her leg area. I'm afraid if he continues at the current rate, her legs may be bald in a few months. He seems to pull 2-3 a day from her. She does not seem to mind at all. She does not flinch, they do not squabble or fight, and they always hang out together so I don't think he is doing it to pick on her, etc.

It started out he was plucking out these real small poofy, down-like feathers, but now he plucks out decent size straight/sharp feathers, the ones that give her color and shape so I'm starting to worry.

Should I separate them temporarily by taking him out? What do you think would be a good option? I googled but couldn't find any info about the male pulling the females feathers, only info on the female pulling her own feathers.

PS We believe he is a male because he sings all the time and his tail is heart shaped. We believe she is a female because she does not make any noise, and her tail is very straight.

Re: Male Canary pulling out Female's Feathers

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:25 pm
by Paul's Amazing Birds
Seems like you need more space for these two. Maybe some silk ficus plants to hide in. My males do tend to spar a little but mostly with other males during the breeding season.