Revised Forum Rules - the "Cliff's Notes" Version

For more specific questions related to the many varieties of captive finches.
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Revised Forum Rules - the "Cliff's Notes" Version

Post by Crystal » Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:37 am

To enforce our mission statement, we ask that all members of our community please abide by the following rules:

1. Create only one account per user, and allow only one user per account.
2. Family friendly, always--meaning appropriate for young audiences--even when posting external links!
3. Above all, do no harm! Whenever possible, try to avoid perpetuation of misinformation that has a real potential to be dangerous.
4. Keep it legible and posted in the most appropriate forum.
5. Keep it legal, including following copyright laws and avoiding slander.
6. Keep it friendly! If you want to remain a member here, you must be civil toward all of the other members here, even outside of this forum.
7. Absolutely NO solicitation/peddling/recruiting, advertising of 3rd party services, or advertising of non-bird related goods/services. Advertising birds & bird-related items is permitted in the designated areas only & only under certain conditions.*
8. No abuse or disruption of our services.
9. No spam.
10. Safety first! When it comes to disclosing personal or identifying information, exercise extreme caution always, and remember that you are under NO circumstances permitted to post someone else’s personal or identifying information without their consent!
11. We strive to treat PMs as private, however, the use of PMs does not confer protection from being held accountable for any illegal or rule-violating behavior.

*For further details and more information about the guidelines governing use of this forum, please refer to our updated Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy. (Though long, it is not comprehensive, so always exercise common sense, and if in doubt about a policy, please ask!)

We are aware that some of the issues regarding decorum are subjective by nature. The moderator staff reserves the right to use their judgement in these matters, so if you have a question about any of this, please ask, and please don't be angry or take it personally if an action is taken by the moderating staff to enforce these conditions! So long as you're a member of this forum, you are always encouraged to keep an open & civilized dialogue with the staff. :0)

(P.S. If you PM any of the moderator staff with a question about these rules, we can append an answer to this thread to provide any needed clarification!)