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hanging feeder cups/ clear? (for my messy finch)

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:26 pm
by Phoenix811
Hi there. I have 2 finches, one eats and drinks out of the dishes that came with the cage, the other one however will only drink out of clear glass desert dishes place on the floor (he also bathes in them) he only eats out of little clear dish type things I purchased at the dollar store and set up on a tree ledge, its quite messy, the seeds go everywhere, he wont drink out of anything unless its clear, same goes for food. This is annoying, as I found feeding dishes that can hang inside the cage at my local pet store but they are blue, everything I find on amazon is for much larger birds. Does anyone know of any hanging feeder cups that are clear? (not the ones that come with the cage) something I could put higher up inside the cage? Thank u.